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Grade Corner

Grade Corner is a mobile app that lets you view your Aspen™ School Grades.

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Easy access to your grades: Anytime!

  • Supports many school systems that use the Aspen™ grading system
  • Supports families with multiple children
  • Shows assignment due dates and teacher remarks
  • Shows recently graded assignments
  • Fast and Secure

Inspired by Parents and Students

Grade Corner was originally inspired by a frustrated family who had two children attending public schools in Washington, DC. After many end-of-term arguments and finger pointing, a prototype app was created to assist both children and parents.

After showing the app to a few family and friends, it quickly gained popularity in the local middle school. And then started to grow city-wide.

Then one Christmas break, while visiting family in Massachusetts, we discovered that nieces and nephews are also using Aspen. So the app was adapted for their school district. Eventually, more and more school districts were added including Chicago Public Schools and Boston Public Schools.

Join thousands of student across the country who use Grade Corner daily. Having grades in your pocket encourages timely conversations with teachers about assignments to assist the learning process.

User Reviews

Must Have!!

This app helps me check my grades quickly I just go on my phone and tap the app instead of having to go to safari and logging in I just tap ! A must have. 🥺♥️

Works Great!

It does what it is designed to do. I appreciate being able to check my child’s grades on my phone. For more detailed information I know I must sign on to Aspen.

Grade corner is great

This is a good app and helped we look at my grades more efficiently

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